7. Black Holes and Resolution

Perception is a distance in a closed-in space
How will your body escape? ‘ 
Michael Gira






The drawing expands and instantly begins to breath. I wonder why I had allowed myself to be confined for so long.

Gravity determines a root-like structure as the detritus develops like some apocalyptic landscape. It is as if by expanding the drawing it has gained a narrative. I allow myself to respond to this.




Not only is the black circle/sphere/hole a response to the circle in the upper-right section of the drawing, but also recognition of an abstract dream that I used to have as a child. The dream consisted simply of a black foreboding sphere, much like a cannon ball, in a void, ever so slowly getting closer and closer to me until eventually I am consumed by it – the illusion of solidity dissipates.

At the time I was considering the black hole within my drawing I came across this powerful painting by the artist John Latham…

LathamHoleFull Stop 1961 Acrylic paint on canvas Support: 3015 x 2580 x 40 mm

Latham’s spot was created using a spray gun and stencil cut out of newsprint. This semi-mechanical process creates the blurred edges and provides an illusion of movement.

Latham saw this mark-making process as highly significant, feeling that it enabled a ‘unit Least Mark, (quantum of a mark) to serve as a representational accretive historical process’. (http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/latham-full-stop-t11968)

Unable to acquire a spray gun myself, though wanting to achieve the quality of Latham’s ‘quantum of a mark’ and blurred edges, I attempted to botch the job by using emptied household spray bottles filled it with a mixture of paint and ink. This did not work. It was more of a dribble than a spray! One learns from ones mistakes. Ultimately the final result came from a process of frustration and quick thinking – Not a Latham for sure but interesting and layered all the same.

In hindsight the dreams that I had had as a child could have been portentious of events that followed. For now though, the black circle-hole is everything and nothing.


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